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Hello All, 

I'm Amber, a Wyoming Portrait Photographer and here is a little about me, some of my adventures and why I truly love photography.

I love recording moments, being able to capture smiles, laughter and memories that can take you back to some of the happiest times of your life. I love a good posed photo, capturing eyes and smiles, but I also love capturing candid, in your element photos that describe how you are feeling in that moment. My photos portray warm, light, vibrant tones for an uplifting feel. I absolutely love creating photos you want to put in that special frame on your wall, or the pictures you choose to put in your Christmas or engagement cards. 

Now, a little background on myself and how I got to where I am.....

After I finished with my Photographic Communications degree from Northwest College, I  moved to Orlando, FL and landed a job with Kodak!

As a photographer, this was such a dream come true and great opportunity! I mean, it's Kodak, what a remarkable reputation they have in the photo world!  I was fortunate enough  to manage several of their photography sites around the U.S. in some fun cities like Chicago, IL, Wisconsin Dells, WI, Niagara Falls, NY, Florence KY, Nashville, TN, and even Washington, DC! 

The most exciting part of my photography career with Kodak however, was managing their PGA Tour division of the company. Yes, the PGA Tour with Tiger Tiger Woods ya'll! We did everything from hosting the Kodak Challenge and doing guest photos on the most picturesque holes on some remarkably reputable courses, to Pro-AM and Honorary Observer portraits, event and sponsorship photography and getting to photography the winners on the 18th green! It was truly an amazing experience I was blessed to be apart of! 

After my stint as a gypsy/traveling photographer, I decided to move back to my beautiful hometown of Sheridan, WY. I love being back in Sheridan and being surrounded by such wonderful people in a thriving community. Since moving back I have been fortunate enough to start up my own photography business. I have been blessed to work with many wonderful clients over the past few years and I am so happy to be back home, doing what I love! 

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Contact Us: www.facebook.co0m/AMSphotography307 (307)751-9905 amsphotography307@hotmail.com

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