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About Us

Photography is truly a passion of mine. I was doing photography back when disposable cameras were still a hot commodity. In  high school, I took on Photo Editor of the school paper & year book and in college I continued to expand & explore all different aspects of photography.

I finished with my Photographic Communications degree & moved to Orlando, FL shortly after graduation to try and  gain a job with a larger scale photography company. I ended up working with a subsidiary of Kodak called Event Imagine Solutions where I traveled around the U.S. with a PGA Tour. I had the great opportunity to do Pro-Am photography & all kinds of event photography for PGA Tournaments.

I was also able to travel around to help manage & work at several of Kodak's photography locations, such as Niagara Falls, NY, Florence, KY, Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN, Washington DC, along with Kodak was an amazing experience.

I missed doing some of my own portrait photography, so a few years ago I decided to move back to Wyoming. Since then, I have been doing my own photography again, building up clientele & just having fun doing what I love.

- Amber Stone

Contact Us: www.facebook.co0m/AMSphotography307 (307)751-9905 amsphotography307@hotmail.com